Hemp fibres

Fiber hemp means the varieties of the hemp plant (Cannabis sativa), which are primarily grown for the fibers. Today, there are processing machines that, after rotting, separate the hemp straw into fibers, wood particles, leaves, seeds and dust. The fibers are used in the paper industry (tissue paper) and in composite materials for the automotive industry.
Woody parts are used as litter in horse stables and for small animals. Combinations of fiber and wood particles are processed into insulation material in construction. Fiber mats are used, among other things, as geotextiles and in floor coverings. Leaf, seed and fibers can be used as animal feed. Hemp oil can be pressed from the seed, which can be used as edible oil and as leather fat. After pressing, hemp cake remains, which can be used as animal feed. The finest fibers can be woven into textiles. The hemp dust is used in cultivation for plants.

The machines below are suitable for processing hemp fibers.