Nylon fibers

Nylon was developed as a synthetic substitute for silk. Due to scarcity of silk fabrics in the Second World War, these were replaced by nylon fabrics, including parachutes. It was first used commercially in toothbrushes. Later nylon was also used as a cheap and lightweight replacement of metal in devices, machines and equipment. Nylon is best known for textiles: in addition to the well-known nylon stockings and tights, it is also found in, for example, jackets, leggings and lingerie. Other applications are tiewraps, toothbrushes and floor coverings. Glass or mineral-filled nylon is usually used in technology. Examples are gears in printers and copiers, and all kinds of other small parts such as levers and latches. In the automotive industry, a lot of glass-filled nylon is used to replace metal. The advantages there are mainly the large weight saving and simpler way of manufacturing, which means a strong cost reduction.

Partly due to the variety of processing options, many types of packaging are also required, Willems offers many solutions for packaging Nylon, from small to large packaging.