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  • Packing insulation

    Baler for packing extreme voluminous products. Developped for 24/7 production, non stop. Including a...

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  • Feb-2019, Canada

    VBB baler for packing peat in big bales....

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  • Feb-2019, UK

    Complete packing line for wood shavings....

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  • Jan-2019, UK

    Complete packing line for sawdust....

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  • Nov-2018, Austria

    Robot palletiser for stacking 900 bags per hour....

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  • Sep-2018, France

    Maxi baler and robot palletiser....

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  • Sep-2018, USA

    Baler and robot palletiser for packing wood shavings....

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  • Aug-2018, South Africa

    Baler for packing sunflower husk....

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  • May-2017, Netherlands

    Barrels will be stacked, labeled and strapped on pallets....

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