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Collaboration on KempenTech by Willems Baling and Van den Hout Metaal. A logical combination.


From drawing to machine!

After last year's successful collaboration, Willems Baling and Van den Hout Metaal have decided to once again staff a joint stand at KempenTech.

The Kempen industry is developing strongly. And that is not only because the Kempen is increasingly smarter with production technologies in the manufacturing industry, but also because the companies in the Kempen work together to achieve the best results.

Loyal cooperation
A good example of this is the collaboration between Willems Baling and Van den Hout Metaal.
Willems Baling makes high-quality machines and machine lines that are sold worldwide. This requires very high-quality knowledge. Willems Baling outsources the production of semi-finished products, including the frames of the machines, to Van den Hout Metaal. On the one hand because Willems Baling likes to work with companies in the Kempen, but on the other because Van den Hout Metaal delivers the quality that Willems Baling wants in its products.

This collaboration has been around since 2001. In 2006, Van den Hout Metaal bought the former premises of Willems Baling in Reusel. Willems Baling left for Bladel. The companies have continued to develop based on high-quality technology and production methods.
Willems Baling, which employs around 60 people, develops, draws and produces the machines itself. Machines with high quality and a lot of technology. The people who work at Willems Baling are therefore challenged daily to get the best out of themselves.

With the drawing on the table
With the drawing of a new machine in hand, Willems Baling and Van den Hout Metaal sit around the table. Because they speak each other's language and already know each other so well, the cooperation runs smoothly and they work towards the best possible solutions. Van den Hout Metaal, where twelve driven people work, is a company with short lines of communication. The welders and construction / bench workers are given a drawing and start working with it themselves. Every day is therefore different. That Van den Hout Metaal has developed well can be seen from the method that they have developed to produce propeller blades.

Special click
When a new machine is ready, the Van den Hout Metaal team is invited to Willems Baling to view the machine. Then they can proudly see for themselves what they have worked on and what the machine will ultimately look like! This shows the special click between the companies.

Partly due to the successful collaboration, Willems Baling and Van den Hout Metaal will jointly staff a stand at Kempen Tech. There you can see how beautiful technology is. Both companies are also always looking for enthusiastic and inquisitive staff!